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About the function

The function consists of two parts:

1. Developing fundamental knowledge in the field of dynamics and multibody simulations:

  • For example, the team is currently investigating how to model the gas forces of a compressor and then use them in a multibody model. For this we work together with product development where 0D – 1D models are made, with the people who do CFD simulations of the compression cycle, with the people from testing for the validation.
  • Topics that may be discussed in the future: how do we model damping, how do we deal with uncertainty/tolerances, how do we make the simulations faster, make a validated multibody model of a tooth compressor to understand the current vibration problems…. But the ideas can also be more focused on a product, for example designing a kind of damper that can easily be incorporated into a design if there are vibration problems. Creating this roadmap is an important part of the job.
  • Keeping in touch with software suppliers, universities, research institutions in the same domain, and setting up collaborations.

2. Support product development with their expertise:

  • As for dynamics, the CAE team tries to get involved as early as possible. The first questions typically concern the bearing arrangement and conceptual layout of the element and/or unit.
  • In some cases, this team is part of the project team that develops the new product and they steer mainly on the basis of their expertise. They often use FE or multibody simulations. And often those models evolve together with the development of the element, until the moment that there is a prototype that meets the requirements.
  • Perhaps not unimportant. This requires a proactive attitude, where you actively think along with the team, come up with proposals yourself…

This is also a growing area for Atlas Copco and very important for the future. This means that there will certainly be many more possibilities in the future, also in terms of job crafting.

Responsibilities and Task Areas

The dynamic behavior of our machines is key to develop successful products. To that end, more and more use is made of advanced dynamic Finite Element and Multibody simulations (MBS). In your role, you closely collaborate with product development and research teams of different divisions worldwide. You perform advanced simulations for a wide range of applications and products. You bring together your expertise, information obtained from prototype testing and insights based on simulation models and use this to steer our product development in the right direction.

You are responsible for developing the domain of machine dynamics in Atlas Copco. You remain up to date with the last developments, both related to important components such as gears and bearings and simulation techniques such as the Finite Element or Multibody method. You identify interesting opportunities and perform the necessary R&D projects to develop your expertise and bring our machines to the next level.

In all projects a customer focused approach is crucial. You promote your ideas and solutions in your day-to-day contact with internal customers and the different stakeholders in the organization worldwide.



Technical insight and a strong interest in product development are essential. You have experience with machine dynamics, Finite Element and preferably Multi Body simulations and tools. It is expected that you quickly familiarize yourself with new products, manufacturing techniques and simulation methods through the extensive internal and external training program.

Educational requirements

Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. PhD in this domain is a plus.

For example: Research Division Mecha(tro)nic System Dynamics , NVH , noise and vibration , ...

Other requirements

  • You are already living in Belgium or you are willing to move to Belgium for this position so you can be present in Wilrijk (Antwerp) a few days a week.
  • You are a dynamic person who contributes in improving Atlas Copco products with your problem-solving mindset and creativity.
  • You are passionate about technical challenges and have a strong interest in research.
  • You are an entrepreneur who communicates fluently and adopts a proactive, open and positive style.
  • Your work is meticulous, and you have a critical attitude. Further, you can work harmoniously in an international team, and you like to take your responsibility within a team.
  • You are driven by technical challenges. You must get satisfaction from solving technical issues, be driven to understand things in detail. And having fun working with others is also a must.

About Atlas Copco

The Atlas Copco Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and is active in more than 180 countries. The international headquarters of the compressor branch within the group is located in Wilrijk (Antwerp): Atlas Copco Airpower. They are the market leader in compressed air technology and develop and manufacture a wide range of industrial compressors and related products. Driven by innovation, they strive to provide their customers around the world with the best compressed air systems and solutions to respond to their complex technical problems. In addition to engineering and production, logistics, purchasing, finance and aftermarket are equally important. As an employee you will find yourself in an international working environment with a diversity of contacts and many career opportunities.

Passionate people create exceptional things
At Atlas Copco, they believe in challenging the status quo, always looking for a better way. Their leading technology enables them to innovate for a sustainable future. They believe that people make it possible and with them you are able to act. Your ideas can really make a difference and contribute to the quality of life of people around the world. They offer a wide range of interesting career opportunities.


  • WORKING FROM HOME / REMOTE: 2 days a week from your place of residence in Belgium
  • You make an indispensable contribution to the company objectives. You get a sense of involvement and meaningful work. You see how your work makes the difference within the bigger picture.
  • You will be warmly welcomed by a multidisciplinary team of 10 direct colleagues in various positions.
  • You will receive extensive, intensive internal training. Atlas Copco is strongly committed to training, learning & development. Atlas Copco offers training on a regular basis to acquire new skills.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills, maximize your potential and direct your own career development.
  • Perspectives! There are both horizontal and vertical development opportunities; both hierarchy ladders and technology ladders.
  • You report to the Team Leader CAE, a real People Manager with years of experience in the sector, more than 14 years of experience at Atlas Copco who succeeds in raising people to a higher level, allowing them to grow professionally and to rise above themselves.
  • Career in a leading company. Atlas Copco offers a challenging position with a lot of autonomy within an international context with a strong brand recognition that takes care of the health and well-being of employees where involvement, openness, high ethics and empowerment are core values. Atlas Copco attaches great importance to a stimulating working atmosphere.
  • You choose a very varied and multidisciplinary position in which you come into contact with various forms of technology, various technical applications within various sectors & industries.
  • You get the chance to make your mark, to work out your ideas effectively, including the opportunity to change things and take ownership. Your added value will be noticed because you are a very important link in the organization where you have a view of the entire value chain. You will mean added value, being able to exert an impact on the end result/final product.
  • You can count on a dynamic no-nonsense open culture where transparent communication, initiatives and ideas are really valued. Everyone is very approachable. Atlas Copco has a feedback culture with short communication lines.
  • You will have the opportunity to help build a growth company with a long-term strategy, to further develop yourself in a reference company that gives responsibilities to its employees. Own input is encouraged and you get credit for relevant new ideas.
  • In this multidisciplinary position you have both internal and external contacts and you see the result of your work and the effect on the end result.
  • You can of course count on excellent employment conditions: a complete remuneration package: a performance-motivating salary policy with an extensive package of fringe benefits. Atlas Copco has a cafeteria plan where you can opt for a company car, among other things.
  • Flexible working hours: you choose when you start between 6.30 am and 10 am. Your working day will end between 2.45 pm and 6.15 pm. General flexibility: there is also a lot of flexibility outside these flexible hours. If overtime is worked, these hours can be compensated. Employees can find the work- life balance that works for them.
  • Performance-motivating and human policy with special attention to values & norms.
  • Atlas Copco attaches great importance to a stimulating working atmosphere and collegiality.
  • Very big technical challenge and diversity of technological applications! Atlas Copco is strongly committed to customization and in-house management.
  • Atlas Copco attaches great importance to sustainability and pursues an active sustainable policy.


Multibody - Modal Analysis - FEA - Finite Element Analysis - Structural Dynamics - Structuurdynamica - Simulation - Simulations - Mechatronics - CAE - Numerical Analysis - Numerical Simulation - ANSYS - COMSOL - Dynamics - Dynamica - CFD - MSC.Patran - Simulink - Nastran - Simulatie - Simulaties - Numerieke Simulatie

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